Monthly Archives: August 2014

Having a “Professional” Personal Webpages

My advisor was (co)charing CGO’2014, and he asked me to compile an email list of all the authors who published at ISCA, MICRO, HPCA, and ASPLOS over the last three years, so that the publicity chair and he could send out the “spam bomb” to publicize CGO.

It took me 10 mins to compile a list of all the names; the tedious and intimidating part was to find the email address for each of them. I could not think of an automatic way other than to google the name, go to the webpage, and look for the email address. It was amazing to me how difficult it was on some webpages to find a single email address, or in general, to quickly locate important information. Continue reading

A Framework For Understanding Cache Coherency


The correctness of shared-memory processor means each processor, or a process/thread from a programmer’s perspective, has a coherent/consistent view of the memory, i.e., they agree upon the value of a particular memory location, i.e., it is not possible that there are two “correct” values of an address at any given point. Whatever the cache coherency protocol does, it has to guarantee a consistent memory view across all the processors and memory. Continue reading