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How Did Researchers Predict the End of the Road for Conventional Microarchitectures 14 Years Ago

Over the past a few decades, we have been witnessing drastic changes¬†in microprocessors. If I have to summarize, there are two milestone transitions: from single core to multicore, and from multicore toward more specialized accelerators. While it’s clear that the so-called dark silicon is the reason that we are¬†gradually shifting from the multicore era to the specialization regime, it is not as clean and easy to explain why we moved from single core to multicore. Continue reading

How to Explain a Scientific Figure

A figure sometimes is more powerful than a hundred words in explaining scientific findings. However, putting figures in a paper without proper explanation might lead to confusion, or at the very least waste precious space real estate. Note that this article is not about how to display data in a figure, but about how to explain a figure, assuming it is elegantly crafted. There are many articles about the former, on which Dr. Edward Tufte has many great articles and books that I highly recommend. Continue reading